Microfiber Camping Towel

The Microfiber Camping Towel is a supreme piece of technology - it's not only a life saving anti-hypothermia drying towel, but is also usable as a scarf, a washcloth, a bandage, fire starter material, water filter, and much more. 

-Prevent Death By Hypothermia
-Save The Lives Of Others
-Instantly Dry Wet Fabric Effectively

-Increase The Morale Of Your Team
-Avoid Dampness From Sweating
-Dry Out Damp Clothes

-Dry Out Your Shelter
-Use As A Bandage, Scarf, Pillow
-Use To Create A Makeshift Water Filter

Weight: 110g
Dimensions: 30cm x 100cm 
Colours: Green, Blue, Purple, Grey
Material: High Microfiber Fabric

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