Knife Sharpener Tool

All blades eventually dull. Don't be the team member with the dullest knives by packing a portable sharpening tool! In the field, everyone knows the true value of a sharp knife. When your friends wear our their blades, be their hero by offering them your sharpener.

-Get The Most Out Of Your Tools
-Reduce Wrist Strain
-Shorten Task Time
-Tungsten Steel Carbide Coarse Element
-Ceramic Fine Element
-Tapered Diamond Serrated Sharpener

-Loop For Keychain Or Lanyard
-Reversible & Replaceable Sharpening Elements
-Lightweight Plastic Housing

Dimensions: 8cm x 2cm x 1cm / 3.5" x 1"
Weight: 28g / 1oz

Note: Do not over sharpen your knife on the tungsten element or it will dull. Wipe down sharpener with a damp cloth after use and towel dry. Do not rinse with water.

Carbide Blades: Used for setting the edge. 
Ceramic Blades: Used for finishing the edge.
Diamond Tapered Tool: Used for serrated blades only

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